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Table 1 Summary of recommendations: Consultation for Establishment of NPS [12]

From: NPS MedicineWise: 20 years of change

Delineate its role from those of APAC, PHARM and others and that chairs of these groups be invited to attend NPS Board meetings as a means of sharing information
Provide national leadership in promoting consistency of information in independent medicines information products
Coordinate the development of a National Medicines Information Phone-Line Network for consumers and health professionals
Consult with medical educators to encourage an increased focus on quality prescribing
Coordinate a National Academic Detailing Program, linking with Divisions of General Practice
Provide national leadership to increase the level of computerised prescribing by GPs and other medical practitioners
Provide leadership in developing incentives for high quality prescribing
Explore and develop means for providing locally relevant prescriber feedback
Auspice a program of research of initiatives to improve continuity of care across sectors and between professions
Explore models to improve communication between GPs and pharmacists
Coordinate a national communications and community awareness strategy to support QUM for consumers
Develop constructive partnerships with pharmaceutical industry to further safe and appropriate use of medicines
Find options for making services available to consumers and for supporting consumer based activities.