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Table 1 Government and PNFP health facilities and services by level of care in Uganda in 2017

From: Article 2: Longitudinal study assessing the one-year effects of supervision performance assessment and recognition strategy (SPARS) to improve medicines management in Uganda health facilities

  HC1 HC2 HC3 HC4 General hospital Regional referral hospital National referral hospital
Total number 25,000 2354 1291 196 117 16 2
Population served 1000 5000 20,000 100,000 500,000 2 million 10 million
Service area Village Parish Sub-county Sub-district District Regional National
Staffing Village health workers Nurses Clinical officers, nurses Doctors, clinical officers, nurses Doctors, clinical officers, pharmacy technicians, nurses Specialists, doctors, clinical officers, pharmacists nurses Specialists, doctors, clinical officers, pharmacists nurses
Services Preventive; health promotion; reproductive, maternal, newborn, child health Preventive; promotion; outpatient curative; maternity; community outreach and emergencies HC2 plus: inpatient health services; simple diagnostic/laboratory services HC3 plus: emergency surgery; blood transfusion; laboratory services HC4 plus: service training; consultation; research General hospital plus: specialist’s services such as psychiatry, ear, nose, and throat, ophthalmology, dentistry, intensive care, radiology, pathology, and more complex surgery Regional referral hospital plus: specialists’ services; training and research