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Table 3 Information mentioned in primary labeling of medicines (n = 759)

From: Assessment of primary labeling of medicines manufactured by Nepalese pharmaceutical industries

Information Categories n(%)
Drug name (Brand) Yes 759(100)
Drug quantity Yes 583(76.8)
Category of drug Yes 757(99.7)
Sub-category of drug Yes 31(4.1)
System of medicine Yes 75(9.9)
Active ingredient and quantity Yes 758(99.9)
Pharmacopoeia Yes 676(89.1)
Drug production company, address and country Yes 758(99.9)
Serial number for establishment Yes 0(0)
Serial number for production Yes 757(99.7)
Batch number Yes 759(100)
Date of production Yes 752(99.1)
Date of expiry Yes 759(100)
Price Yes 719(94.7)
Storage Yes 759(99.9)
*Caution in Group “a” and “b” (not to be sold without the prescription of a register medical practitioner) Yes 588(77.5)
No 18(2.4)
Misleading information 52(6.9)
Not applicable (Category c) 101(13.3)
Quantity to be used Yes 743(97.9)
Method of use Yes 116(15.3)
External preparation (only for external use) (n = 55) Yes 54(98.2)
Appropriateness of drug category Appropriate 680(89.6)
Inappropriate 77(10.1)
Unable to assess 2(0.3)
  1. *Percentage do not add up to 100 due to single decimal