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Table 4 Pharmaceutical problem Related to side effects of medicine and Action Taken to resolve them

From: Exploring the extended role of the community pharmacist in improving blood pressure control among hypertensive patients in a developing setting

Safety (C)

n (%)

Recommendations and action taken to resolve it

Side effects of medicines

 Drowsiness and dizziness on taking methyldopa, nifedipine, lisinopril bendrofluazide

1 (1.33)

Advised patient to take lisinopril and nifedipine at night if sleep disruptions are minimal or to take medication with meals.

 Blurred vision with hydrochlorothiazide


Recommended to clinician that hydrochlorothiazide changed to calcium channel blocker.

Hydrochlorothiazide changed to Nifedipine

 Headache due to Nifedipine


Advised patients:

To take paracetamol for headache

To take nifedipine at night

Referred two patients with persistent headache to clinician. Paracetamol prescribed for one and nifedipine substituted with amlodipine for other one.

 Sexual weakness with methyldopa


Recommended patient to clinician for change of antihypertensive

a Methyldopa not changed

 Cough due to lisinopril

3 (4.00)

Recommended that Lisinopril should be changed to losartan.

Lisinopril changed to Bendrofluazide

Lisinopril changed to amlodipine

Lisinopril changed to losartan

 Frequent urination due to bendrofluazide


Advised patients to always take bendrofluazide in the morning

 Constipation with furosemide


Advised patient to take in lots of fluids and referred to clinician for change in therapy.

Furosemide substituted with bendrofluazide

  1. aAction taken by the physician italicized