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Table 3 Pharmaceutical issues related to effectiveness of therapy and action taken to resolve them

From: Exploring the extended role of the community pharmacist in improving blood pressure control among hypertensive patients in a developing setting

Pharmaceutical care issues n (%) Recommendations to clinician and action taken by clinician to resolve it (italicized)
Effectiveness of therapy (B)
 Patients whose blood pressure levels were above or equal to 160/100 15(20) Dosage adjustments and/or add on therapy.
a Changed dosage of antihypertensive (n = 9)
a Added an additional antihypertensive (n = 5)
 Aspirin prescribed when BP was not controlled. 5(6.67) Aspirin be discontinued.
a Aspirin discontinued(n = 3)
 Atenolol and carvedilol prescribed as monotherapy for the management of hypertension. 2(2.60) Beta blocker be changed to calcium channel blocker or a diuretic
a Beta blocker changed to a diuretic (n = 2)
 Furosemide prescribed for the management of hypertension 1(1.33) Furosemide to be changed to bendrofluazide
a Furosemide substituted with bendrofluazide
  1. aAction taken by the physician on referral