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Table 4 Key interview guide topics

From: Evaluation of the National Return of unwanted medicines (RUM) program in Australia: a study protocol

Medicines in the home Brand and/or generic name and storage location of medicines regularly used, medicines used as required and medicines no longer used.
Unwanted, unused or as required medicines Formulation, quantity remaining and expiry date; disposal method/s; risks of keeping in the home.
Medicine supply Frequency of supply, e.g. on-time, in-advance, just-in-case; household member/s who used the medicine; where the medicine was obtained, e.g. pharmacy, supermarket.
Medicine disposal Self-reported disposal practices, views on and/or concerns related to what happens to medicines returned to a central location, e.g. a pharmacy.
Willingness to pay for safe disposal Yes/No; explanation.
Demographic information Gender, age, living arrangements, location, education, employment status, language spoken at home.