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Table 2 Variables to be included in RUM audit and post-audit analyses

From: Evaluation of the National Return of unwanted medicines (RUM) program in Australia: a study protocol

Characteristics of RUM bins Source of container (state or territory)
Container weight
Percentage filled
Content of RUM bins Medicine characteristics
Brand name
Generic name
Medicine schedule (i.e. unscheduled, S2, S3, S4 or S8)
Therapeutic category (PBS code)
Medicine dose
Form of medicine
Whether medicine is PBS subsidised or private
Whether medicine is expired
Packaging of medicine included
Evidence of attempted destruction for S8 medicines
Presence of inappropriate items (e.g. sharps, rubbish)
Complementary and alternative medicines
Medicine in a sample package
Medicines characteristics once dispensed
Year dispenseda
Quantity dispenseda
Quantity returneda
Evidence of medicine usea
Proportion of dispensed quantity unuseda, b
Medicine unlabelled
Category of medicine dispensing (e.g. concession or general)a
Dose administration aids (DAA)
Type of DAA
Proportion of medicines unused in DAA
  1. PBS = Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme; S2 = Pharmacy medicine; S3 = Pharmacist-only-medicine; S4 = Prescription medicine; S8 = Controlled medicine
  2. a These variables extend the evidence base of data collected during the 2013 audit
  3. b Only medicines packaged as foil strips/blisters will be counted and assumptions used in the New Zealand DUMP project audit [22] will be applied to documentation of quantity of returned inhalers, creams, liquids