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Table 1 Relevant Results (Namibia and DR Congo)

From: Individual capacity-building approaches in a global pharmaceutical systems strengthening program: a selected review

  As of December 2015 Key Results
Namibia 41% increase in the number of certified pharmacy personnel • B Pharm and PA competency framework developed
• Accreditation for B Pharm program and PA courses received
• B Pharm program launched in 2011
• The majority (75%) of the pharmacist assistants reported overall satisfaction with their PA training at the NHTC
• Over 90% of the employers and supervisors were satisfied with the pharmacist assistants’ performance at work
97% of public health facilities are staffed with certified pharmacy personnel
DR Congo 1103 persons trained in pharmaceutical management • Pre-service competency framework developed with 5-year strategic plan
2 health or allied health professional associations or councils receiving TA in pharmaceutical management education