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Table 7 Essential medicines for children unapproved in the US, UK, and Japan with supporting evidence in adults but not in children

From: Approval status and evidence for WHO essential medicines for children in the United States, United Kingdom, and Japan: a cross-sectional study

Name ATCa Therapeutic use Adult efficacyb Paediatric efficacyb Dosage formc
Fresh-frozen plasma B Coagulation factor deficiency Effective No evidence A
Dopamine C Heart failure Effective No evidence A
Fludrocortisone H Adrenal insufficiency Effective No evidence A
Lugol’s solution H Thyroid storm Effective No evidence A
Levofloxacin J Tuberculosis Favours efficacy No evidence A
Amphotericin B J Leishmaniasis Effective No evidence A
Clofazimine J Leprosy Effective No evidence A
Ribavirin J Viral haemorrhagic fevers Favours efficacy No evidence A
Amitriptyline N Pain in palliative care Effective Inconclusive A
Sodium stibogluconate P Leishmaniasis Favours efficacy No evidence NA
Melarsoprol P African trypanosomiasis Favours efficacy No evidence NA
Suramin sodium P African trypanosomiasis Favours efficacy No evidence NA
Eflornithine P African trypanosomiasis Effective No evidence NA
Triclabendazole P Infection by Paragonimus Favours efficacy Inconclusive NA
Epinephrine (Adrenaline) S Mydriasis induction in cataract surgery Favours efficacy No evidence A
Fomepizole V Ethylene glycol toxicity Effective Inconclusive A
Mesna V Prophylaxis of ifosfamide-induced haemorrhagic cystitis Effective No evidence A
  1. aAnatomical Therapeutic Chemical (ATC) classification code: B, blood and blood-forming organs; C, cardiovascular system; H, systemic hormonal preparations, excluding sex hormones; J, general anti-infectives for systemic use; N, nervous system; P, antiparasitic products; S, sensory organs; V, various
  2. bAdult or paediatric efficacy: Inconclusive, evidence is inconclusive; Favours efficacy, evidence favours efficacy
  3. cDosage Form: A, available; NA, not available