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Table 2 Overview of assessments of technologies

From: An assessment of the future impact of alternative technologies on antibiotics markets

Assessment process: Literature review    Industry expert MCDA   Clinicians roundtable discussion Summary score
Assessment parameter: Potential to deliver products Potential to reduce demand Potential to impact on clinical use Overall potential
Assessment criteria, or score: In clinical use Products in pipeline Targets priority pathogen (CDC list) Score (max 27, min 6) Assessment* May reduce antibiotics demand  
Rapid point-of-care diagnostics Yes Yes Yes 20.0 High Yes High
Vaccines Yes Yes Yes 14.8 High Yes High
Probiotics No Yes Yes 15.4 High Yes Medium
Fecal microbiota transplantation No Yes Yes 15.0 High Yes Medium
Therapeutic antibodies Yes Yes Yes 15.1 High No Low
Antimicrobial peptides Yes Yes Yes 11.4 Low No Low
Antibiotic biomaterials Yes No n.a. 12.4 Low Yes Low
Antimicrobial nanoparticles Yes Yes No 8.0 Low No Low
Anti-virulence materials No No n.a. 12.0 Low No consensus Low
Bacteriophages (and lysins) No Yes Yes 8.8 Low No Low
  1. Legend: “Yes” means a response in the affirmative for the criterion in any given the column heading, whereas “No” means that the criterion was not fulfilled
  2. *High potential technologies are those with a total score greater than the median of the total scores of the entire data set (13.4), where total score = (Time + Demand + Cost) x Confidence