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Table 3 Description of questions 14 - 21

From: Use of a fictitious community-based virtual teaching platform to aid in the teaching of pharmacy practice skills: Student perspectives after initial implementation

Question Response rate (percentage; n = 86)
14. How did you usually use the video clips in PHARMACY 301? 79
15. How did watching the Pharmville clips help you in PHARMACY 301? 64
16. Which families are the most realistic and why? 35
17. Which are the most unrealistic and why? 28
18. Do you have any suggestions for improving Pharmville? 48
19. Do you have any suggestions for where else the Pharmville families could be included in the BPharm programme? 19
20. How do feel that Pharmville and the related clips helped your learning? 35
21. Space for any other comments about Pharmville that you would like to make. 17