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Table 1 An example of a case study from the NZ Pharmville community

From: Use of a fictitious community-based virtual teaching platform to aid in the teaching of pharmacy practice skills: Student perspectives after initial implementation

Case example:
 The patient presented with inadequately managed asthma and a prescription for an asthma reliever inhaler. The patient was a child who was seven years old.
 The online video vignette for the family details the family life, where the parents of the child discuss their lifestyle and health beliefs in a narrative manner.
 By watching the vignettes, obtaining a medical history and asking appropriate questions the students must ascertain that the reason that the child’s asthma is inadequately managed is due to non-compliance, driven by beliefs that the parents would like to use a more natural alternative to the preventer inhaler.
Optimal outcome for the teaching session:
 The practical dispensing session requires the students to recognise the problem, discuss with the prescriber, dispense the medicine and provide appropriate counselling to address the issues in a patient centred manner.