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Table 1 Namibia ART guidelines 2008, 2010, and 2014 on the Use of NVP and response to NVP-related adverse reactions

From: Assessment of the nevirapine safety signal using data from the national antiretroviral dispensing database: a retrospective study

Year of Guidelines CD4 count threshold for ART initiation Preferred ART regimen Response following NVP-related adverse drug reaction (skin and liver) Recommended Second Line ART
Pre-2008 <200cells/mm3 D4T/3TC/NVP • Grade I observe, add some medicine TDF/3TC/LPV/r
2008 <200cells/mm3 AZT/3TC/NVP TDF/3TC/LPV/r
2010 ≤350cells/mm3 TDF/3TC/NVP • Grade II, replace NVP with EFV TDF/3TC/AZT/LPV/r
• Grade III or IV, replace NVP with LPV/r
2014 ≤500cells/mm3 TDF/FTC/EFV Left blank – focus is placed on NVP AZT/FTC/LPV/r
  1. D4T Stavudine, 3TC Lamivudine, NVP Nevirapine, AZT Zidovudine, TDF Tenofovir, FTC Emtricitabine, EFV Efavirenz, LPV/r Lopinavir/ritonavir