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Table 2 Characteristics of literature screened for inclusion or exclusion

From: Governance and pharmacovigilance in Brazil: a scoping review

Published literature on pharmacovigilance and regulatory governance [n = 128]
Type Topic Subject n
A ADR studies: A1: Specific drug(s) [43] 65
Prevalence and Characterization of ADRs A2: Vaccines, herbals, phytopharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, Over-the Counter [22]
B Theoretical papers (Not Brazil specific) B1: ADR reporting [3] 14
B2: Risk communication [1]
B3: Regulatory harmonization [1]
B4: Global actors’ norms or Global governance [6]
B:5 Pharmacovigilance regulatory authority Latin America [3]
C Pharmacovigilance practices in Brazil C1: Industry implementation of pharmacovigilance [2] 35
C2: Analysis of pharmacovigilance centres, sentinel hospitals & notifying pharmacy ADR reports [9]
C3: Pharmacovigilance Systems, regulations, or policies [20]
C4: ADR prevention interventions [4]
D Regulatory governance, pharmacogovernance and pharmacovigilance D1: Transparency and/or Accountability [5] 14
D2: Global actors and Transparency and/or Accountability [3]
D3: Regulation, Policy and Law [6]