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Table 1 Scoping Review structured According to STARLITE Principles

From: Governance and pharmacovigilance in Brazil: a scoping review

  STARLITE principles
S Selective sampling strategy: Articles selected from pharmacy, health, political science, and the social sciences databases
T All types of studies were included (policy papers, qualitative studies, dissertations)
A Approaches: Subject searching, citation searching, hand-searching, internet searching
R Range (No restrictions): to the beginning of each database—to November 18, 2013
L No Limits
I Inclusion: Global actors and pharmacovigilance, regulatory governance, accountability and transparency in Brazil; Exclusion: Studies describing 1) vaccines, herbals or animal studies; 2) pre-market studies (phase I, II, and III); 3) pharmaceutics methods; 4) randomized controlled trials or observational studies pertaining to therapeutics or characterizing drug-specific ADRs or 5) did not describe pharmacovigilance in Brazil
T Terms (See Table 1)
E Electronic sources: Ovid MEDLINE(R), Ovid OLDMEDLINE(R), Ovid MEDLINE(R) In-Process & Other Non-Indexed Citations, Ovid Healthstar, Embase Classic + Embase, International Pharmaceutical Abstracts, International Political Science Abstract, Journals@Ovid Full Text, Embase, LILACS, PubMed, EBSCO, SciELO, GOOGLE Scholar