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Table 1 Summary of results of in depth interviews

From: Patient-centred innovation to ensure access to diabetes care in Cambodia: the case of MoPoTsyo

  Categorisation MoPoTsyo staff & peer educators Directly involved frontline workers (pharmacists, health care workers contracted by MoPoTsyo) Indirectly involved frontline workers (non-contracted health care workers, drug vendors) Health system managers
On the role of peer-educators
  Essential tasks and competences Patient education Patient education Patient education Patient education
   Variety in competence, depending on experience   Case detection, outreach activities focus on diabetes and lifestyle expertise, retention in care
     Credibility in community Place in the community
  Additional tasks To be extended (with training)   Within limits (no treatment) Very limited
  Patients’ demand Patients’ demand Patients’ demand  
Formal Responsibilities Need permission for extension of tasks    Clear dinstinction of responsibilities
Risks     Individual peer educators malbehaving, (lack of) training
  Benefits Core component Good prices Complementary to their own services (different customers) Good quality, low cost, proximity
   Increased competence   
   Increased profits   
Problems Distance is a barrier for patients Strict regulations, administrative burden   
  Uncertainty about sustainability    Different cost recovery system from public services
On MoPoTsyo’s role in organizing health care services
  Benefits Complementary to insufficient and/or expensive health services Capacity development Useful for case detection Renders new patients to health services
  Proximity   Cheap alternative for some patients, temporary solution Relieves burden of public system
Position towards other health providers Feeling of distrust from other health workers Complementary Complementary (different customers)  
On collaboration /integration into the health system
  Exchange On personal basis, few formal communication channels   On personal basis On personal basis
Plans for intergration Uncertainty about management peers and RDF Uncertainty, fear for loss of customers   uncertainty about financing and RDF managament
Future role MoPoTsyo Advocacy for stronger peer position   Support to health facilities Capacity development
  1. PE peer educator, PEN peer educator network