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Figure 1

From: Farmácia Popular Program: changes in geographic accessibility of medicines during ten years of a medicine subsidy policy in Brazil

Figure 1

Time line of the "Farmácia Popular" Program. A–FPP (May 2004): “Programa Farmácia Popular do Brasil”-Brazilian Popular Pharmacy Program-Initiation of “Farmácia Popular rede própria”. B–AFP I (March 2006): “Aqui tem farmácia Popular”–Popular Pharmacy is Available Here–Phase I–Private Sector–public private partnership. C–AFP II (April 2009): “Aqui tem farmácia Popular”-Popular Pharmacy is Available Here–Phase II. After changes on administrative procedures and on medicines covered. D–SNP (February 2011): “Saúde não tem preço”-Health has no price. Free of Charge medicines for Hypertension and Diabetes.

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