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Table 1 The AHP Pair-wise comparison values or scale of preference between two elements

From: Pharmaceutical supply chain risk assessment in Iran using analytic hierarchy process (AHP) and simple additive weighting (SAW) methods

Preference weights or level of importance (value of a ij ) Definition of verbal scale Explanation
aij = 1 If the two criteria are equally preferred Two activities or criteria contribute equally to the objective or goal
aij = 3 If criteria i is moderately preferred than criteria j Experience and judgment slightly favor criteria over another
aij = 5 If criteria i is strongly preferred than criteria j Experience and judgment strongly favor one criteria over another
aij = 7 If criteria i is very strongly preferred than criteria j An criteria is strongly favored over another and its importance demonstrated in practice
aij = 9 If criteria i is absolutely preferred than criteria j The evidence favoring one criteria over another is of the highest degree possible of affirmation
2,4,6,8 Intermediate values Use to compromise between two judgments