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Table 1 Strategic pharmaceutical goals in patient-focused care [17]

From: Pharmaceutical policy Part 1 The challenge to pharmacists to engage in policy development

Theme Strategic goal
Helping people to gain better outcomes from medicines To ensure that throughout life, in accordance with their clinical needs, people have access to timely, safe, quality assured medicines supplied with appropriate advice and support to help them gain the best outcomes from their treatment and avoid harm.
Helping people to live longer, healthier lives To provide people with access to advice and support from pharmacists in the community promoting, public health, self care, improved health and wellbeing and preventing illness.
Helping people to safely avail of care closer to home To provide improved access to clinical expertise and interventions for patients closer to home by making the best use of the skills of pharmacists working together with/alongside other healthcare professionals in the community.
Helping people to benefit from advances in treatment and technology To support better health outcomes for patients through advances in medicines treatments and technology.