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Table 3 Papua New Guinea medical supply chain issues mapped against the Potter and Brough health system categories [15]

From: The Papua New Guinea medical supply system - documenting opportunities and challenges to meet the Millennium Development Goals

Health systems category [15] PNG medical supply chain issues
Tools Absence of stock cards and stock records
Skills SOPs not followed
Large variations in worker motivation
  Supply chain management a low priority
Staff and infrastructure Facilities in poor physical condition
Storage space not managed effectively
Temperature control issues
Staff retention and movement problems
  Poor performance of private couriers
Structures systems and roles Limited budget for SOP training
Limited budget for supervisory program
Limited budget for transport of medical supplies
Use of the cold chain for non-EPI items prohibited
Lack of transparency in order screening
Suspect quality of oxytocin and ergometrine
  Use of kits leading to oversupply and wastage