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Table 5 Variation in unit procurement price in local currency (INR) of few antibiotics by different procurement agencies in New Delhi

From: Access to antibiotics in New Delhi, India: implications for antibiotic policy

Antibiotic name MSO(central government MCD CG1 CG2 CPA(Delhi state government)
Azithromycin cap/tab No rate available 6.31 No rate available 9.45 No rate available
Ceftriaxone injection 14.99 18.28 16.46 15.50 8.50
Erythromycin Stearate 1.43 1.32 2.04 1.68 0.85
Gentamicin eye drops No rate available 0.61 0.81 1.21 0.58
Gentamicin injection No rate available 1.40 1.53 2.49 1.52
Roxithromycin cap/tab 1.04 1.29 No rate available No rate available 0.74
  1. MSO Medical store organization, the procurement agency for central government hospitals, MCD Municipal corporation of Delhi, CG1 decentralized procurement done by two tertiary care hospitals of central government, CG2 decentralized procurement done by single tertiary care hospital of central government, CPA the procurement agency for Government of National Capital Territory of Delhi, INR Indian Rupees, Local currency.